Church Security Camera Installation

Marvelouz Teknology knows that churches and religious facilities are supposed to be a place of peace and comfort. Unfortunately times have proven that even churches need ample Security to protect its members. One of those capable tools are surveillance Camera Systems. Contact us now to learn more

Places to install Security Cameras in and Around Churches

Church Entrance Security Cameras

What better place than the entrance to catch a video of everyone who enters the church building? With advance features like Facial recognition notification can be sent when a blacklisted persons enters the building.

Church Sanctuary Security Cameras

The sanctuary where everyone gathers is definitely a must for Security cameras, generally a camera covering every entrance/exit to the sanctuary and 2 overview cameras depending upon size of the building is sufficient.

Church Office Security Cameras

while we hope that every member of the church is an honest individual, having a camera in places where valuables and offerings are sorted, counted, and held is a must. as the saying goes “Cameras keep honest people honest.”

Church Hallway Security Cameras

Its always a good idea to have surveillance cameras in general areas and areas that lead up to bathrooms for safety and even liability reasons.

Note* Never install cameras in positions that can see in bathrooms when doors are opened

Church Parking Lot Security Cameras

Parking lots are a must for Church Security Camera Installation. A lot or churches have night services when its dark criminals have an advantage and prey on unexpecting victims, but quality security cameras are a big deterrent for criminals.


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We only install professional grade equipment. Cheap equipment doesn’t last long, has glitches, and normally doesn’t work the way it’s intended to. We install equipment that we trust our own safety to and we’re glad to put our guarantee behind the equipment we install.

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