School, University, and Campus Surveillance Camera Installation in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD School, University, and Campus Security Camera Installation

Providing a safe learning Environment

Whether is elementary, middle, high school or college, All students, faculty, and parents want a safe learning environment. Security Camera Systems in schools and on campuses can provide a way for staff to monitor all operations and functions of a school from one location, while also being a key tool should law enforcement ever need to intervene in any situations.  Marvelouz Teknology can install the best Security Camera System for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges campuses, and student dorm buildings.

A valuable training tool

Security Cameras can also be used as a valuable training tool. Properly installed security cameras can be used to look back on previous situations in, and around, schools to identify signs of behavior or events that could lead up to incidents that may want to be avoided in the future. Getting Security Cameras installed by Marvelouz Teknology can help with staff development.

Student Protection

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor all of a school’s  property which can be used to protect kids and students. It can be used to Identify suspicious persons on school grounds. CCTV cameras are useful when needing to see what time a student left or who a student left with. School CCTV Systems, when properly installed by Marvelouz Teknology are easy to identify key times and points making it easy to search the video and find the events you need.

Artificial Intelligence & facial Recognition Cameras

Lets face it, the world Isn’t as safe as we would like it to be, and people don’t always have good intentions. When we know of specific individuals that should not be in a given area. AI aka Artificial Intelligence, including facial recognition, could automatically alert officials that a person saved in a blacklist database has been observed by one of the cameras monitoring a property. This is especially useful with sex offenders in or near school zones.  Knowledgeable Security Camera Experts and Installers, such as Marvelouz Teknology, will know how to set up and implement these advanced security features that will make your school more secure and efficient.

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